5 Expert Hunter Must-Have Tools Recommended by Hunting-License.org

hunting-license.org blog: 5 Expert Hunter Must-Have Tools Recommended by Hunting-License.org

Even the most experienced hunters will admit their high-tech tools are great contributors to their success on excursions. There are so many hunting gadgets and tools out on the market, that it can be hard for hunters to decide which ones are necessary and which will be useless duds that just take up pack space. There are a few must-have tools that every hunter carries with him or her on outings and uses often. According to the Hunting-License.org team, carrying the proper tools is an essential part of being a prepared hunter. Since there are so many tools coming out each year, many hunters just ignore the new technology and stick with their tried and true equipment. However, there are some great new gadgets that can take your hunting game to the next level if you give them a chance. Here are five tools that every expert hunter should consider owning.

A Good Hunting Knife

It is a given that a high-quality knife will be found in every experienced hunter’s pack. There are many great knives on the market, but a few newly released models are catching the eyes of seasoned hunters across the globe. If you are looking for a knife with a nonslip grip that is great in wet or humid weather, the team of experts at Hunting-License.org recommends testing out a knife in the White River Firecraft series. These knives offer a handle made of Micarta canvas and come in three different sizes, depending on your needs.

An Accurate Thermal Tracker

If you are hunting for deer or another type of fast moving game, nothing will help you out more than a thermal tracker. Most thermal trackers on the market today are high-tech and can do their job well. It is important to find a tracker that is a small size so it does not take up too much room in your pack. The Leupold Thermal Optic Tracker is one of the latest and greatest out right now because it is only about six inches long and weighs a little less than 10 ounces, so it will not be a bother in your pocket or pack. Equipped with a six-timed digital zoom, hunters can heat seek game from up to 600 yards away.

A Bright Head Lamp

It is important for hunters to not be heard or seen, but it is just as crucial for hunters to be able to see when needed. When you need something to light your way, a head lamp will do just the trick. It offers you a lighted path while remaining hands free. It will cost you a pretty penny, but the Petzl Ultra Rush is one of the best headlamps on the market. It can light your way up to 560 feet and offers 760 lumens. The team at Hunting-License.org encourages all hunters to invest in a high-quality headlamp with good battery life for use during emergencies without a problem.

Advanced Binoculars

Binoculars are an essential tool in a hunter’s pack so he or she can identify game without making noise. Small yet powerful binoculars will be an asset to a hunter in every situation. The experts at Hunting-License.org recommend looking into a pair like the Vortex Optics Viper HD when you are ready to invest in a high quality and effective binocular. These binoculars are waterproof, offer a clear image from far away and provide an easy rubberized grip.

Effective Deer Calls

If you are out deer hunting, a deer call is a helpful way to attract game. There are many deer calls out there and sometimes it is a game of trial and error. However, one of the best new deer calls on the market is the Primos 776 Revolver Grunt Deer Call because of its small, easy-to-store stature and efficiency. This deer call offers a grunting noise that is bound to attract the big bucks. It also has an option for a bleak call that will appeal to doe. Whichever setting you decide to use with this deer call, you should find yourself surrounded by the local herds in no time.