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Although many Americans hunt, few are remembered for their hunting skills. Talented American hunters have transformed hunting methods and techniques and paved the way for modern hunting practices. Throughout history, some American hunters have stood out from the rest, leaving a legacy of hunting tradition behind them. The team at has created a list of famous American hunters from the past and present to show how these hunters have impacted American hunting.

Theodore Roosevelt

Many may know that Roosevelt is recognized for his environmental efforts with six national park sites named in his honor, but few may realize that he was a great hunter and conservationist. His entire life, Roosevelt hunted big game throughout North America and even wrote literature based on his hunting experiences. However, Roosevelt soon discovered the tremendous impact big game hunting had caused, like the disappearance of big game and overgrazing, and he attempted to preserve the country’s natural resources while in office. The team at reminds hunters how Roosevelt evoked hunting changes that helped restore habitats and endangered species.

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is most notably known for his career as a novelist writing works such as “A Farewell to Arms” and “The Old Man and the Sea,” but Hemingway had a passion for outdoor sports like hunting and fishing while growing up in Michigan at his family’s summer cottage. Hunting often appears in his fiction and inspires other outdoorsmen to appreciate hunting. The team at encourages anyone curious about nature to experience, and read about, what nature has to offer like Hemingway did.

Steven Rinella

Rinella is a television personality and famous American hunter. He has written hunting and cooking guides for beginners and experts alike and has modernized the way hunting information is shared via his podcast, “The MeatEater.” Although Rinella is not as well-known as Roosevelt and Hemingway, he has already greatly impacted the hunting community and enabled amateur hunters to pursue hunting and skilled hunters to experiment with new hunting practices. The team at suggests that aspiring hunters check out Rinella’s work to find helpful hunting advice.

Fred Bear

While most hunters rely on heavy artillery for hunting, Bear utilized his bow. Like Rinella, Bear was a television host and an author. Throughout the mid-1900s, Bear dominated the bow hunting scene and even manufactured his own brand of bow. He is considered the godfather of modern bowhunting, and hunters depend on his legendary instruction to assist them with big game hunting. While his hunting days have passed, he continues to motivate hunters from all different backgrounds to try traditional hunting practices, and his methods have yielded great results. The team at advises hunters to explore unique hunting techniques that may challenge their skillsets and to practice safe hunting.