5 Types of Fishing Every Hunter Should Try According to Hunting-License.org

hunting-license.org blog: 5 Types of Fishing Every Hunter Should Try According to Hunting-License.org

Fishing and hunting are very similar in a lot of ways. Most prominently, both require a great deal of patience as you stalk, track and wait for your prey to cross your sights or take your bait. There are plenty of other similarities between the two, such as a shared love of nature, which is why Hunting-License.org decided to compile a list of fishing methods every hunter should try and, hopefully, enjoy.

#1 Still Fishing

Still fishing is based off a practice that all hunters are intimately familiar with: the waiting game. On the surface, still fishing may seem like a three-step process: cast your baited line, wait, and eventually reel something in. However, according to Hunting-License.org, it’s a little more than that. Although this is one of the most relaxed forms of fishing, there is still a bit of strategizing and planning that goes into it. Depending on the fish you wish to attract, you can either attach a float to bob your bait close to the surface or attach sinkers of varying weight to keep your bait at specific depths. This fishing method is viable year-round and doesn’t depend on any specific fishing season, unless you’re fishing for a seasonal fish.

#2 Drift Fishing

Just as hunting goes hand-in-hand with enjoying the great outdoors, so too does drift fishing. Drift fishing is a relaxing way to explore and discover new terrain as you lazily drift along a river dragging your lure along the riverbed to see what fish will bite. It’s a great opportunity to admire the thick woods and mountains from the comfort of your canoe and have a satisfying day of fishing all at once.

#3 Ice Fishing

If you’re up for spending extended periods of time in the cold, ice fishing is an experience everyone should have at least once. Much like still fishing, ice fishing involves a lot of sitting and waiting. However, thanks to new fish-tracking technology, waiting it out in the cold isn’t nearly as long as it used to be. The experts at Hunting-License.org recommend ice fishing for its simple and novel appeal, as well as its rising popularity year after year. The easier it gets to withstand frigid temperatures, the more appealing this method of fishing becomes. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush or the challenge, ice fishing is something any hunter would enjoy.

#4 Fly Fishing

Although fly fishing does not use any live or organic bait, the lure, or fly, is meant to be incredibly lightweight. Because there is little weight to help weigh down your line when you cast, casting in fly fishing requires a specific casting technique. Hunting-License.org describes fly fishing as a method that makes casting and technique the priorities rather than relying on specific baits or lures. It’s a fishing method more dependent on your ability to act as bait rather than the bait itself. If you’re not a fan of passive fishing methods, fly fishing may be a good fit. You have to constantly manipulate your line to attract different fish by using a variety of reeling and casting techniques. Similar to the exhilaration of learning everything you can about your quarry in order to effectively hunt it, finding which reeling techniques work and which don’t is half the fun.

#5 Pole Fishing

Perhaps the most technical fishing method on the list, pole fishing requires a fishing pole rather than a standard rod. And, yes, there is a difference. Unlike a fishing rod, fishing poles are more old-fashioned and are made of natural materials, like wood and reed, rather than metal or plastic. Fishing poles also lack any eyes or guides, which may make fishing difficult for beginners. This is a more advanced fishing technique, but if you are up to the challenge, pole fishing can be very rewarding. It provides accuracy that is often hard to replicate with fishing rods, and it uses the smallest and lightest tackles available, which is a definite advantage. You can also change the length of the line based on what fish you are looking to catch. Hunting-License.org recommends this fishing method to any hunter looking for a challenging and customizable way to fish.