Toughest Game to Hunt In The U.S. According to blog: Toughest Game to Hunt In The U.S. According to

If you are a skilled hunter who is looking for a challenge, you do not need to travel out of the country to find it. There are plenty of legal game options throughout the U.S. that will give you a run for your money and put your hunting skills to the test. The experts at encourage all hunters to try out a hunt for a different type of game than they usually target. However, be sure to research the specific local laws in the state before planning a trip. If you are up for the task of hunting a tough game to target, look at the animals listed for the hardest to hunt in the nation.

Mountain Goats

If you are in an area that is native to mountain goats, like Alaska, you may already know how hard they are to hunt. Experienced hunters rank this game as one of the most elusive because of the habitat in which they. If you are out to hunt mountain goats, you will need to be ready to hike up the side of a mountain, locate your target and quickly use your firearm. Since these goats are quick and can blend in easily to their surroundings, it is a hard game to pursue successfully. The experts at suggest only serious hunters who are also skilled with operating on mountainous terrain attempt to hunt mountain goats.


While coyotes are a bit more common to numerous states in the nation than mountain goats, hunters still find them a hard game to target. Most areas have certain seasons where they allow for coyote hunting and this time is usually when another type of game is not in season at the same time, like turkey. Coyotes can be tough game to hunt because their fur color blends in perfectly with their surroundings. If you are hunting for coyotes in the woods, they can be hard to see because they have natural camouflage against the tree trunks and shrubbery. According to the experts at, coyotes are also extremely fast and once they hear or see you, you probably will not have time to line up your shot before they are gone. With a keen sense of smell, coyotes have fair warning of your presence and disappear as soon as they are on to your scent.

Wild Turkey

While they are one of the dumbest animals of the flock, wild turkey is actually tough to hunt. These big birds are very skittish and will lead the entire flock to take off at the smallest indication that people are around. Any noise, scent or sight of you or your hunting mates can lead the whole flock of turkeys to run and hide. Word spreads quickly among this species of game and once one flock has fled, you probably will not see any more for a long time. The experts at recommend talking to local hunting friends or asking hunting store representatives about good turkey hunting spots. Getting the inside scoop from the locals can be the best tactic for hunting wild turkey.

Brown Bear

If interested in going on a hunt for brown bear, you will need to look into the local permits and licenses needed in the area. There are usually only a certain number awarded each year and these permits can get pricey. If you do have legal permission to hunt brown bear, get ready to test your hunting experience. Stay prepared with specific gear and bear attractions. These bears are hard to track down so doing some research on how to find them and what to look for in the woods is your best bet for success. Once you have studied how the bears move, behave and react, you can frequent the areas where you think you will find them wondering. Although these animals are big and look clumsy, they can actually move quickly, so hunters need to act fast when they appear. Equip yourself with a magnitude of ammunition, since male brown bears can weigh between 500 to 900 pounds when full grown.