How to Plan the Perfect Hunting Weekend According to blog: How to Plan the Perfect Hunting Weekend According to

Here at, our team understands the importance of planning before embarking on a major hunting trip. Hunting requires a considerable amount of preparation, so be ready to draft a plan that everyone agrees with. If you are taking others on the trip, be sure to distribute copies of your itinerary at least a few days before the big hunting weekend. If you are still stuck in the planning stages, here are some tips to help move things along.

Choose a Location and Animal

Before any of the fun begins, you should decide on what you want to hunt and where you would like to hunt it. This sounds simple, and it may be if you’ve already been to the location you are headed to, but most hunters will need to perform a bit of research. If you are hunting in another state, you will need to research the state’s hunting laws first. You will also need to find the ideal location to find your prey. To help narrow down your choices, the team at recommends considering the following factors:

  • Overall trip budget
  • Hunting success rates in your desired area
  • Travel (How will you get to your location?)
  • Landscape and climate of desired area.

Hire a Guide

Once you decide on a location and type of game, you will want to find a guide or outfitter who knows the local area. The team knows that this is not a requirement in most locations, but if you are visiting an area for the first time, having a skilled and knowledgeable guide can make or break the trip. An easy way to find a guide is to log on to the internet and read reviews written by other hunters. If you’ve already selected a hunting package, be sure that it includes a guide (or you could end up alone in the middle of the woods with only a map by your side).

Pack the Right Gear

Having the right gear for your trip is a must, even if you are an experienced hunter. Depending on your mode of travel, you may have to buy certain items upon arrival. The easiest way to ensure that you have the right gear is to make a list – if you hire a guide, he or she will usually provide you with a list of required items. In general, you will need the following for your trip:

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Safety items (GPS, knife, flashlights, fire starter)
  • Camera
  • Hunting gear (guns, knives, bows, etc.)
  • Camping gear
  • Hunting license

This is not a complete list, and again, the easiest way to find out what you need to ask your guide or read about the area first.

Make Plans for Your Harvest

Do you know how you will transport your harvest? How will you keep it fresh? Before you arrive at the site, be sure that you have all the necessary equipment to keep your harvest fresh. You may also need to inform the local government about your harvest or have it shipped to you if you can’t carry it home.

By following the tips above, the experts at believes you can plan the ideal hunting weekend.