Presents 4 Tips for Selling Hunting Equipment blog: Presents 4 Tips for Selling Hunting Equipment

Hunting equipment can take up a lot of valuable space, so unless you are an avid hunter, it is understandable that you might want to sell some your used gear to clear up room for other items or simply gain some money for items you may not be using anymore. The team at has some valuable tips for those who want to sell their hunting equipment but do not know where to start.

Catalog All of Your Gear

Before selling your equipment, is important to build an inventory of the hunting equipment you want to sell. Take note of how old and used up each item is, as well as the brand name of each piece of equipment. The experts at note that it will make your life easier if you can catalog all of the gear in a simple spreadsheet that you can quickly access and reference when deciding what items you are selling, what their state of usage is and where they are located in your inventory.

Be Honest to Buyers About Your Gear

The hunting community is a tightknit group of people, so selling worn-out apparel or malfunctioning equipment to another hunter is a very bad decision. Additionally, because much of the hunting experience involves safety, there could also be safety issues if you do not properly inspect the hunting gear you are selling to another person. The team at encourages you to make sure that what you are selling to other hunters is in good condition. If it is not, be honest to buyers about what works and what does not.

Find out How Much Your Gear Is Worth

If you know all the details about the hunting equipment you are selling, such as the brand name and level of usage of each item, then you can proceed to search online for products that are comparable to yours. In most cases, you will find several listings for equal or similar products and can make a judgment call in regards to what your pricing strategy can be. Remember to be honest about how worn out your apparel and equipment is, but also make sure to price your gear according to market expectations. experts note that if you are unable to find equal or similar products online that can help you base your pricing strategy, a good idea is to compare the resale value of hunting items in the same category as yours in comparison to items’ original retail prices. This strategy will guide you in regards to how much depreciation hunting items of each category go through when they are resold.

Decide How You Want to Sell It

Hunters who want to sell their used equipment usually resort to online marketplaces to list the items and entice buyers from around the country or the world. Selling hunting gear online is an easy and convenient way to attract many prospective buyers at a minimal cost to the seller. However, some people might feel more comfortable selling hunting gear in person. If you plan to sell your hunting equipment in person, the team at encourages you to try selling it to local stores that already sell similar gear in their establishments, such as rifle shops.