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The United States offers a wide range of geographic features that support an extensive amount of wildlife. America is truly a hunter’s paradise and there are certain locations that pop up repeatedly when hunters discuss their dream destinations. The experts at vouch for the following as being among the top places in the U.S. to plan a hunting excursion in the great outdoors.


Known for its expansive mountain views, Montana ranks high for American big game hunting. Many outfitters can take you on a horseback expedition, which it makes it easier to carry back any oversized quarry. Big game noted by the team includes black bear, deer, elk, moose, mountain goats, mountain lions, antelope and bison. Migratory birds cross Montana during warmer weather and licenses are available to hunt crane and swan during the summertime. Turkey hunting season occurs in spring and fall.


America’s last frontier offers several unique hunting experiences, some of which are only accessible by prop plane. With bears averaging nine feet tall and an ample moose population, experienced hunters have a great chance of bringing home an impressive trophy. In addition to black, grizzly and brown bears, Alaskan big game includes bison, caribou, elk, deer, muskox and mountain goats. Depending on the season and location, hunters can fill in the gaps with various small game and waterfowl, such as hares, ptarmigan and grouse.


Non-hunters might assume that Arizona is too arid to rank as a top hunting destination, but with its year-round favorable weather, bears and other animals have the opportunity feed well and grow impressively large. About 60 percent of the state’s bears have chocolate, cinnamon or blond fur, which appeals to hunters who have already landed the more common black bear. Arizona is also a popular destination for quail hunters. Gambel’s quail live among the cacti in the lowland deserts, while Mearns’ quail can be found in the state’s southeastern mountains.


Louisiana’s warm climate, lush vegetation and ample waterways equal a hunter’s paradise. The coastal marshes abound with waterfowl, especially ducks. Commonly hunted ducks include pintails, blue-winged teal and gadwalls. It is also a prime location for hunting deer and alligators—although the team advises non-residents that state law requires visitors to hunt alligator under the direction ofan authorized guide. Small game abounds in Louisiana as well and hunters frequently pursue rabbit, squirrels and the large semi-aquatic rodents called nutria, valued for their meat and fur.


The Keystone State has four million acres of public land and hunters bag over 335,000 deer there every year. In fact, the sport is so popular that schools close on the opening day of deer firearm hunting season. The team recommends Pennsylvania for more than just deer hunting, however. It is also home to elk and black bear in addition to furbearers such as coyotes, racoons, foxes and bobcats. The pheasant, grouse, quail and ample turkey populations in the state also attracts bird hunters.


Maine’s rocky coastline offers some of America’s best sea duck hunting. Not for the faint of heart, this sport is an exciting challenge for even the best wing shooters who flock to Maine to take down scoters, eiders and long-tailed ducks. The state’s wild turkey population rebounded nicely after an extensive restoration program. Big Maine game includes white tail deer, moose and black bears.