Top Hunting Destinations Outside the United States: Recommendations From blog: Top Hunting Destinations Outside the United States: Recommendations From

Few Americans rely on hunting for sustenance anymore, but for some the sport has never lost its appeal. Hunting has become a luxurious sport, taking people to the far corners of the earth in search of unique game. For those willing and able to travel the world in pursuit of game—large and small—the experts at have compiled this list of top hunting destinations to add to your dream list.


This South American nation often tops lists of ultimate hunting destinations, especially for bird hunters. Dove and pigeons are in ample supply year-round, especially around Cordoba. This 100-square-mile region is home to an estimated 50 million doves. The southern tip of Argentina is near Antarctica and home to bigger game including water buffalo, Blackbuck Antelope and puma.


Early fall welcomes the height of fowl season on Alberta’s plains as birds migrate south from the Arctic. From early September through October, aim for a variety of dabbling ducks including mallards and pintails as well as an abundance of Canada and Snow Geese. Larger game hunters can pursue deer, coyotes, wolves, moose and bison in Alberta while capturing amazing views of the Northern Lights. Trek farther north into the Yukon Territory to hunt Arctic Fox, caribou and seals.


This small European country is not one that often makes the news, but hunters know Montenegro well as a unique destination to combine several outdoor adventures into one amazing trip. Situated along the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro boasts huge mountains, thick forests and an ample river system where outdoorsmen can experience hunting, fishing and white water rafting in an unspoiled environment. The team recommends Montenegro as a great location to hunt for brown bears, wild boar, martens, badgers, deer and wolves. It is one of the few regions to capture a chamois, an agile mountain goat-antelope. Montenegro’s birds include partridge, quail and black grouse. The hunting calendar varies according to species, but October is the month in which most of them overlap.


Hunters flock to Belarus between October and March in search of big game, including the wisent, the giant European bison that can weigh in at 2,000 pounds or more. Hunters can pursue wolves all year round in Belarus, while Red Deer and Roe Deer is from mid-May through November. Common game birds in Belarus include snipe, woodcocks, partridges and Capercaillie wood grouse.


Serious hunters have long revered this southwestern African nation for its diverse exotic game and world-class hospitality. Hunting reserves accommodate trophy rifle and bow hunters who come in pursuit of zebra, elephants, hippos, giraffes and lions.The experts at state that all trophy hunting in Namibia must be done with fair chase principles. Other game in Namibia includes wildebeest, impala, warthog, crocodile, leopard and cheetah. Though most hunters travel to Namibia in search of trophy animals, they find wing shooting rewarding there as well. Game bird species include francolin, sandgrouse, helmeted guinea and teal.


In December 2009, Cambodia reopened its borders to hunters after a 55-year closure. The Cambodian government is now committed to working with locals to preserve wildlife with sustainable hunting practices. The team advises planning your trip during the legal hunting season, which runs from December through March, before the monsoon season begins in April. Those with unrestricted budgets can go on underground jungle expeditions to hunt for elephants. Other exotic game includes Asian water buffalo, Himalayan black bear, wild boar, deer, monkeys, leopards and other wild jungle cats. Birds available for hunting in Cambodia include peacocks, teal, ducks and pheasants.