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How Weather Affects Your Aim

Ask any seasoned hunter and they will tell you that hunting takes precision and patience. The key to hunting is taking proper aim and remaining steady. Nonetheless, regardless of the weapon you are using (like a shotgun or bow and arrow), there are many factors that can affect a hunter’s aim while out on a hunting trip. Depending on the weather condition, extremes in either direction of the thermostat can have adverse conditions on your hunt.

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Hunting Seasons

Each year, hunting calendars nationwide get marked with giant circles and X’s to mark desired hunting season start and end dates. Vacation time is requested, cars are packed and once that first open season day arrives, the surrounding wildernesses see a flurry of activity.

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Gun Safety

Using a gun while out on a hunt can be a rewarding experience for almost all hunting and gun enthusiasts throughout the country. However, there is also the potential for danger whenever you pick up a loaded gun. Much of hunting instruction centers around keeping safe during your hunt. And while animals in the wild can pose a significant threat to your well-being and therefore deserve a lot of attention when it comes to keeping safe, the condition and use of your gun can pose an equally great threat if you handle it incorrectly. In an effort to prevent hunting accidents, here are a few gun safety tips to keep in mind while out on the hunt:

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